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Carlos Tarrillo


Carlos Tarrillo, Principal of GDTech

Hello, I’m Carlos — a passionate entrepreneur, fervent innovator, and an unyielding challenger of the status quo. Throughout my journey in business, I became acutely aware of the critical role marketing plays in business growth. With this knowledge, I embarked on a quest to find the most effective marketing tool, a journey that eventually led to the creation of GDTech.

My exploration of marketing strategies included everything from traditional media such as TV, radios, newspapers, and magazines, to contemporary digital platforms. It was a whirlwind of trials that didn’t always lead to success but provided invaluable insights.

The Power of LED Signs

After meticulously tracking the effectiveness of each strategy, I discovered that LED signs were by far the most impactful and profitable marketing tool. This revelation was backed by a 2001 report from the Small Business Administration, which stated that high-resolution LED signs could boost business revenue by 15% to 150%, surpassing even word of mouth in generating business.*

However, the journey wasn’t without its hurdles. The initial LED sign I deployed encountered numerous maintenance issues, threatening to drain significant amounts of time, effort, and marketing dollars. The existing LED products on the global market fell short of my expectations in durability, quality, and resilience to weather and sunlight.

* (“Electronic Message Centers,” Small Business Administration, 2001)

The rise of GDTech

Determined to find a solution, I assembled a talented team of engineers to design a superior LED product that would overcome these challenges. After a period of intense research and development, our team successfully secured the proprietary patents, laying the foundation for the advanced LED technology GDTech offers today.

Introducing GDTech

We are proud to introduce you to GDTech High-Resolution LED signs — smaller, brighter, bolder, stronger, better. Our signs are designed with groundbreaking technology that sets a new standard in the LED industry. Our LED signs not only promise unmatched resolution and sharpness but also durability that can withstand extreme weather and sunlight.

The journey of GDTech, though challenging, has been incredibly rewarding. Our mission is simple – use our advanced LED signage to help businesses grow and expand their reach. We are committed to using our innovative products to benefit more individuals and businesses, and we look forward to helping you power your brand with GDTech.

Next level.

Welcome to GDTech: where innovation meets excellence. We tirelessly strive for continuous innovation, to inspire not just your marketing efforts, but also the global outlook on LED signage.

Our commitment lies in delivering the most technologically advanced, innovative display solutions that perfectly blend efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Our skilled cadre of engineers, designers, accountants, managers, and marketing and public relations professionals work in unison, channeling their expertise toward enhancing your experience with GDTech.

Welcome to the new era of LED signage, an era shaped by our relentless pursuit of excellence and our determination to redefine industry standards.

We take pride in being more than just a brand; we are a promise. A promise to provide you with the best display system available, transcending boundaries, surpassing expectations, and redefining brilliance.

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