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About GDTech

Hi, I’m Carlos — Entrepreneur, Creator and Rejector of Status Quo.

When I opened my business, I quickly realized how important marketing was in order for the business to grow. Through all the trial and error, good decisions and very expensive ones, I realized the product I wanted did not exist.

So, I produced an innovation which will change the state of the industry. This, in turn, will change the way you view marketing.

Some years ago, I started a business to pursue my passion. Today, this business is GDTech. I quickly realized that I had to create buzz in order to grow and become profitable. Here, the marketing adventure began. It became a trial and error process. I tried everything from TV and radio to newspapers and magazines.

Marketing dollars were flying out the door without my knowing why. I began to research the effectiveness of each of these marketing strategies. I starting asking every person who walked in my door how they heard about me. Painstakingly, I realized that in contrast to other media, the LED sign was far and away was the most effective draw.

Finally, I had concrete evidence. Now I could focus on just what was working. My next hurdle was trying to keep my sanity in the face of constant maintenance issues of the LED sign I first deployed. I’d come so far and I knew if I didn’t find a better product it was going to drain too much time, effort and marketing dollars.

Our Team

We are the heart of GDTech. We are committed to YOU – and inspiring the globe through continuous innovation. We work diligently to provide the most innovative and technologically advanced displays. We are the new world of LED signage. We provide efficient, durable and beautiful signs. Our highly skilled team of engineers, designers, accountants, managers, public relations and marketing experts are working constantly to improve your experience with GDTech — the best display system available, period.

Here's the Fun Part

How could I increase revenue effectively? This was my bottom line question.

The first problem I discovered was with my marketing budget. There was so much bandwidth, and so many good marketing options: social media, yellow pages online, newspaper, television, radio.

Then I came across LED sign technologies. The Small Business Administration’s report EMCs (Electronic Message Centers), released in 2001, states that a High Resolution LED sign is even more powerful than word of mouth, let alone other advertising methods. The report summarized that businesses will see a 15% to 150% increase in revenue specifically from this type of LED sign.

With that knowledge, I worked to solve the second problem: find the best LED sign I could. After researching, I found the best available. I purchased it, installed it, and immediately saw an increase of a half a million dollars in revenue from this LED sign in the first year. Combined with other marketing methods, revenue surged.

Immediately, I encountered my third problem: the LED sign had issues, failing frequently from inferior technologies and materials.

After researching the LED sign products available globally and finding no alternatives, I decided to resolve these problems myself. I put together a company that offered a product that would function efficiently, that would last, and that would actually stand up to extreme weather and sunlight.

After a rigorous road and a substantial investment, I built a team of engineers who developed a product of my design which I am proud to introduce into the market. The result of this process was 11 new technology patents invented by my team — technology that is setting a new tone in the industry. Our resolution and sharpness are absolutely the best available.

Introducing GDTech High Resolution LED signs: smaller, brighter, bolder, stronger, better. We simply have a more advanced technology.

Now, my goal and passion is to use the GDTech signage tool to help businesses grow and benefit more individuals with their products and services.

– Carlos, Principal of Global Dynamic Technology

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