3 Ways an LED Sign Will Increase Your Business

by Jun 21, 2019Marketing

Do you know how many cars have driven by your business in the time it’s taken you to read this sentence? How many potential customers are sitting at a stoplight yards away from your business’ front door at this moment?

The world of marketing is constantly shifting. Your customers may not see your television ads if they watch television through Netflix or Hulu. They may not hear your radio ads if they have subscribed to a premium music streaming service like Spotify or Pandora. Even targeted social media posts can be scrolled past or lost in the barrage of content. In the midst of this tuning out, what is a marketing tool that is impossible to overlook?

Imagine your potential customer sitting in their car yards away from your business, absentmindedly humming along to classic rock and waiting for the green light. As they idle, their gaze wanders. Once their eyes have skimmed the edge of your business, their attention is immediately captured by a high-resolution image of your latest product, service, or testimonial.

What is a marketing tool that is impossible to overlook?

An LED sign.

An LED sign is a marketing tool that is sure to add value to your business. Here’s how:


When it comes to advertising, exposure is a frequently used metric. Marketers consider the cost per 1000 exposures, or the cost per 1000 people viewing their advertisements.

For LED signs, the cost per 1000 exposures is only $0.15. This is 49 times less than the cost for newspapers, 42 times less than television, and 36 times less than radio advertising. Because of this, LED signs are shown to increase your business by 15%-150%! (Small Business Administration)

Compared to other means of advertising, LED signs give you the most value and exposure for your money.

Communicating your story

A normal sign will not communicate your story or the meaning of your business the way an LED sign will.

A static sign with the words “We care about our community” communicates something entirely different than a high resolution image demonstrating how your business cares about the community.

Facts tell, stories sell.

LED signs will not only help customers understand your message, but remember it.

People remember only 10% of information three days after hearing it, on average; adding a picture can improve recall to 65%.

– MDG Advertising

Saving Time

Your time is important to your business. Your customers need what you can offer them, but this requires your presence.

Static signs have to be manually changed to reflect new campaigns or advertisements. LED signs, on the other hand, can be updated remotely. Changes can be scheduled ahead of time, freeing your schedule to give your customers your undivided attention.

Why GDTech?

The value of an LED sign is obvious. But why buy an LED sign from us?

Our signs offer the highest quality on the market. Our pitch – the distance between our LED bulbs – is an average of 6 mm compared to the 16 mm industry average. Our patented LED signs are durable, waterproof, and not damaged or diminished by UV rays. This means your investment in an LED sign will last. Not only that, our signs are proven to be 300% more energy efficient than the average LED sign, saving you money in energy costs.

However, our signs are not the only world-class aspect of our business; we also offer world-class support. Our team wants to partner with you to increase your business. We are not just in it to sell you a sign. We want to come alongside you as you tell your story.

Are you ready to purchase an LED sign?

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