LED Made Easy

by Aug 1, 2019Our LED

Your Partner in LED Signage

Making an investment in LED might seem like a big, complicated process. At GDTech, we are passionate about making buying and installing an LED sign a stress-free and painless process for our customers.

GDTech is uniquely structured to have all of the elements of an LED sign process within our company. We have our own code review team, a design team, an architecture team, a contractor team, and a financing division. We can help a client create a vision, confirm that it’s allowed by code, verify the construction elements and finance it to make it affordable through a monthly payment process.

It all starts with a phone call. When a potential customer expresses their interest in increasing the revenue of their company through purchasing a dynamic LED sign, we take the next step. We first present an example of our technology, then talk to the customer about the logistics and placement of the sign. Next, we prepare a refined design for their review and approval, and walk them through the permitting process. Because we have in-house permitting teams, we can handle the permitting process ourselves, working with local regulations and governments. 

We work with our team of licensed and bonded contractors in order to get the best bid possible for our clients. Then we help manage the construction and ensure the highest quality available. 

Ultimately, because we have relationships with a number of financial institutions, and because we are obsessed with our customer’s having an excellent installation without  problems, we provide a simple turn-key process to get an LED sign.

Learn More

Are you interested in making a big impact with LED? Contact us today to receive helpful tips and tricks and to sign up for a free demo of our technology. 

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