LED Sign Location

LED Basics

The Location of Your LED Sign Matters

Have you ever seen an LED sign in a location that doesn’t make sense? Maybe it was too small or far away to be visible to the people passing by, or it was blocked by something. Why invest in a high resolution LED sign that no one will actually see? 

When it comes to making an impact, it is important that your sign is in the right location. Landscaping, other buildings, and light poles are all things that can obstruct the view of your LED display. What’s more, buying an LED sign is no use if it doesn’t face the traffic or if it is located on a lonely road that no one travels. 

Where should you place your LED signage? Choose a location with high traffic and good visibility.

High Traffic

The more people passing by, the more business you can attract with LED. The best location for an LED sign is on a road with high vehicle and pedestrian traffic. 

If you are wondering what the traffic volume around your business is, search for resources within your state’s Department of Transportation website.


Even if your business has high traffic, there are other factors that can get in the way. When deciding on a location for your LED sign, make sure there are no obvious obstructions like trees, power lines, or the building next door. Do a survey of a fixed point on your property. Can you still see the point from a few blocks away? If you cross the street, is it still visible? What about when you close one eye and squint a little bit? (Ok, we’re kidding about that part.)

Don’t let your high resolution LED sign go to waste by placing it in a bad location. GDTech can help you make sure your LED sign is in the best possible location. Interested in learning more? Contact us for more resources and tips on high resolution LED and its usage.