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GDTech LED Technology

After years of trial with a team of dedicated engineers, GDTech now proudly owns 11 LED patents that ensure our technology is ahead of the game – which puts you ahead of yours

We have raised the bar on how an LED sign should perform and have revolutionized the market through our use of innovative materials and strict quality control. Where others shy away from high resolution LEDs, our technology was built with the highest resolution in mind.


High resolution Images with GDTech LED Pixels | Global Dynamic Technology


Industry standard for high resolution: 10mm(10,000px/sqm)
our standard: 6mm(27,777px/sqm)



Many signs considered “high-quality” or “high-resolution” come with a 10mm pitch – the distance between pixels. Our leading signs have 6mm and 5mm pitches, ensuring you get the highest resolution at more angles and distances. That’s 277% and 400% more pixels than the industry standard.

At GDTech, we utilize SMD bulbs (surface mount diodes) with brightness up to 7,000 nits – that’s compared to the industry standard SMD bulbs with an average brightness of 6,000 nits. By stepping away from DIP bulbs (Dual Inline Package), we took the first step in maximizing our technological potential. This is what keeps our LED signs vibrant, energy efficient, and long-lasting.  

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SMD Bulbs

Notice how all 3 components,

the Red, Green, and Blue (RGB)

are within a single white diode

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DIP Bulbs

Notice how each color, the RGB, are in their own separate bulbs?




Most LED signs are drenched in silicone and encased in plastic to ensure waterproofing. This is counterproductive and damages your sign over time, wasting your money and limiting the potential of it. Why? Silicone and plastic are both insulating material and lead to overheating and warping parts, especially as resolution increases. This means your expensive, high-resolution sign will malfunction and burn out as time goes on. One of our clients experienced sign malfunctioning at 2 months followed by a complete failure after 2 years with an industry-standard sign typical conditions.  

Our high resolution LED signs at GDTech are built with high-quality aluminum as opposed to silicone and plastic casing. Not only is aluminum effective for waterproofing, but ensures that our signs are kept cool and consistently functioning. Aluminum creates a heat sink, which dissipates heat away from the sign – no need for clunky fans to keep signs cool, which is what you’re buying when you go anywhere else. Not only does this increase the life of the sign, but it also makes it the most energy efficient LED sign on the market. Period. GDTech only company to use a heat sink in all of our technology, from our bulbs to our cabinets.

Because we use the highest quality materials, our signs can withstand temperatures from -60 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.  We know, because we’ve boiled our signs.



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GDTech rigorously tests every SMD bulb to ensure the highest quality is consistently produced. Our methods uncover just 1 defective bulb for every 50,000 bulbs tested compared to the standard 1 in 3,000. In fact, many of our competitors do not test their bulbs with the same intensive method. We are obsessed with being the best which means we dedicate a painstaking amount of time to ensuring we get it right the first time, every time.



GDTech high resolution LED signs have fewer mechanical parts, translating to less opportunity for mechanical failure. With the ability to withstand the harshest of temperatures as well as salt corrosion, we are able to increase our resolution and rely on far less energy to run –  which means a longer lasting product. 

So, are you ready? Say goodbye to broken fans and dead pixels. We are so confident in our technology that we provide our customers assurance with a 5-year warranty.