Pixel Pitch

LED Basics

What is pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch is a phrase often mentioned when talking about LED signs, especially high-resolution LED displays.

But what is pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch refers to the distance between LED bulbs, measured from the center of one bulb to another, cited in millimeters. A sign with a 10 mm pixel pitch, then, would have bulbs that are spaced 10 mm apart, while a sign with a 5 mm pitch would have bulbs spaced 5 mm apart. 

Why does pixel pitch matter?

A millimeter is a small unit of measurement, and it can be hard to visualize what difference a few millimeters could make for in an LED display. However, small pixel pitch makes a big difference in the clarity of the LED sign. The lower the pixel pitch of an LED sign, the higher the resolution of the sign will be. 

To get an idea of what this means, imagine a mosaic. If the mosaic is only made up of a few tiles, the image won’t be very clear. But, the more tiles the mosaic has, the clearer the picture is.


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The same thing is true with an LED display. 

A smaller pitch means that there are more bulbs per square meter — like having more tiles in a mosaic. 

Using images is an effective way to tell the story of your business. With a high pixel pitch, though, your image will be fuzzy, unclear, and uninspiring. GDTech specializes in signs with small pixel pitches for high resolution LED displays.

High-resolution LED signs with a pixel pitch of 6 mm or less will make your image dazzling and clear to potential customers, whether they are 50 feet away or 5 feet away.

GDTech offers beautiful high resolution LED signs with a pitch as low as 5 mm. Interest in learning more? Contact us for more helpful resources on high resolution LED and its usage,


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