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Our LED Features

Market Directly to Your Customers

GDTech manufactures a marketing tool that enables you to market directly to customers driving by your business. You can reach these customers with direct sales messages just like other media. Our web based software lets you change your message easily anywhere within minutes. You can run multiple messages at a time and even choose the time of day each one runs.

Patented Heat Sink Technology

Our patented Heat Sink technology is made possible by our LED module made entirely by aluminum with gold wired bulbs and sealed with thermal paste. Our aluminum is the same grade aluminum that NASA used on the Space Shuttle to displace heat “Heat Sink” during reentry into our atmosphere.

More Energy Efficient

GDTech’s method of using our patented Heat Sink technology to displace heat means we do not need fans or air conditioners to cool the signs which cuts power usage in half compared to our competition. Our bulbs stay brighter year after year compared to our competition. Our patented GDTech bulb system has an attenuation rate of 3% per year; this means that our brightness and vividness of color in our bulbs is 500% better than the industry average attenuation of 15%.


The Small Business Association (SBA) has reported that LED signs can increase your business 15% to 150%. GDTech is a LED manufacturer, not a sign company. You cut out the middle man by working directly with GDTech.