The Best LED Bulbs

by Aug 5, 2019Our LED

Why Do LED Bulbs Matter?

Imagine you’re giving an important presentation at work – one that is sure to launch your career and guarantee you the promotion you’ve been hoping for. You’ve spent days doing the necessary research, and reading so much that your eyes hurt. Lately, you’ve even been falling asleep at night with papers in your hand and the lights still on. For the most convincing presentation, you decide to use a dynamic slideshow, and after hours of clicking and dragging your mouse across the desk, it’s finally perfect.

You walk into the conference room full of confidence as your colleagues file in around you and take their seats. Soon, with a nod from your boss, your presentation begins. A few slides in, you can tell your audience is engaged, but not sold. They are leaning forward in their seats, eyes brightening in anticipation of your big pitch. One more click and you’re there – signed, sealed, and delivered. Promotion on its way.

And then it happens – right as your thumb begins to press the button on the remote, the screen goes completely dark. You desperately look up to the projector, but all you can see is a blinking red light. You’re toast. 

You go on with your presentation anyway, like a professional, but the impact and momentum is lost – your audience engagement is gone. You can almost see their eyes glaze over as their minds turn from your presentation to which restaurant has the best tacos for lunch. At the end of your presentation, they steer right past you and out the door without a second thought.

You’ve lost your big win, and it will take a lot of work and another big opportunity to regain the ground you’ve lost.

How do you feel when the technology you rely on so heavily fails you? 

Not good, I imagine.


When LED Bulbs Fail

Now, imagine how it feels to invest money into an LED sign only to have the bulbs burn out at the peak moment – when your customers are driving by, when you are having a huge sale, when you’ve spent weeks working on an advertising campaign. Like the presentation, you can still get your message across with burnt out bulbs. But like the presentation, you have lost your charm and customer attention when your sign isn’t performing optimally.

This is what you get with the industry standard LED sign. 1 out of every 3,000 bulbs will burn out – that’s 17 bulbs for every 2 square feet. This leaves your message speckled, unclear, unimpressive.

With GDTech, you can trust our high resolution LED signs. That’s because with us, only 1 in 100,000 bulbs burn out. That means that the industry standard bulbs burn out almost 1700% more than GDTech bulbs. When it comes to the peak moments in your presentation, we won’t fail. 

Score the promotion. Secure the sale. Make the conversions, gain new customers, and increase your revenue with GDTech’s high resolution LED displays. 

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