Why Buy a High Resolution LED Sign?

by Aug 1, 2019Our LED

The Value in a High Resolution LED Sign

There are many companies in the market selling LED signage, but fewer companies urge customers to buy a high resolution LED sign for their outdoor advertising needs. What makes an LED display high resolution? Signs with this classification have a small pixel pitch (the distance between pixels). Pitches can be as large as 26 mm, but the industry average for a high resolution display is 10 mm and under. 

LED signs have been proven to increase revenue. But why invest in a high resolution LED sign?


Communicating Your Story With Clarity

Your brand’s story is one that is too important to compromise. The more pixels present on an LED sign, the higher the clarity of the image will be. This means that high resolution signs can be used for more than just basic ads and images. Your advertising campaigns can include colors that will pop, legible words, and a clear company logo. A clear picture means that you can communicate your brand exactly how you want your customers to see it without the worry that your message will appear pixelated or fuzzy. A picture speaks a thousand words, and a compelling image will build trust, driving traffic to your business. 


Longer Lasting

In order for an LED sign to be high resolution, it must be made with high-quality materials. Having a smaller pixel pitch means more heat – low quality materials will simply not hold up to the standard needed. Higher-quality materials means a longer-lasting, more reliable investment. 


High Brightness and Visibility

With a small pixel pitch, a viewer can be closer to the LED display. This means your sign will look great, whether your customer is down the street or standing in front of your business. If you want an LED sign mounted on the wall of your business or nestled next to the street, a high-resolution sign is the way to go. 

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