Why Do LED Signs Need Fans?

by Aug 6, 2019Our LED

Cooling LED Signs

It’s been a hot summer so far. In fact, July 2019 replaced July 2016 as the hottest month on record. High temperatures can cause dehydration, heat exhaustion, and have many other negative impacts. But what kind of impact do high temperatures have on outdoor electronic signs, like LED message centers?

Have you ever had to wait on the side of the road because your car engine overheating? Has your computer ever gotten too hot and frozen completely while you were working on something important? Like many electronics, overheating is a real danger for LED. LED signs need to keep cool in order to function at their best and keep pixels and electronic components from burning out. For high resolution signs especially, where the pixels are closer together, keeping the sign cool requires innovation.

Most of the time, the solution for keeping a high resolution LED display safe from the elements is to use fans to control the temperature and cool the components. Ventilation fans bring outside air inside to control the temperature, while mixing fans circulate the air already inside the display. LED signs will also decrease their brightness internally in order to lower the temperature and protect the sign.

Fans are the standard in the industry, and have been used by LED sign manufacturers forever.

But what if your LED sign didn’t need fans?

If this sounds crazy, it’s because it is – but it’s also possible.


Heat Sink Technology

GDTech has developed technology that is changing the LED industry and eliminating the need for fans altogether. By enclosing the LED components in aluminum instead of silicone and plastic, effectively creating a heat sink, GDTech high resolution LED displays don’t need fans. The high quality aluminum disseminates heat generated by the electronic components. This means that GDTech signs are sleeker, more reliable, and more energy efficient than the leading LED signs. 

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