How to Avoid Common LED Mistakes

by Sep 25, 2019Marketing

How to Avoid Common LED Mistakes

GDTech high-resolution LED signs are a great way to advertise your business and get your message out; however, in order to use your sign to its full potential, make sure to follow these tips for avoiding common LED mistakes:

Poor Placement

One of the worst mistakes when it comes to an LED sign is to put it in the wrong location. The great potential of an LED display can be wasted if there are objects obscuring the view or if it is located on a road with no traffic. 

Blinding Colors

You may be tempted to use your LED sign to its full capacity by throwing up the brightest and boldest colors you can find — just make sure these colors aren’t clashing or make it impossible to see your image. It might not be the best idea to advertise your sale on a yellow screen with white words — your potential customers will be blinded instead of converted. 

Too Many Words

When traffic is traveling at high speeds, it is difficult to read even a couple of words on a sign. However, a beautiful image with only a few words can convey the same message in a fraction of the time. With high-resolution capabilities, you can display a realistic image that entices your customers to do business with you over your wordy competitors. 

Causing a Disturbance

“Flashy” is not always the adjective you want to describe your business, especially when it comes to your LED sign. A sign that has too much motion or flashing lights can distract viewers. Worse than that, it can turn them away from your business. To gain respect and regard for your business, make sure that your LED sign is respectful to the neighborhood around you and avoid too many animations or flashy sequences.

Not Setting Goals

Not every mistake is a technical mistake with LED signage. For instance, one big mistake you can make when it comes to using your LED sign is to not set goals you would like to achieve.

The goals your business sets will affect how you use the sign. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, but you don’t include branded images on your slides, you aren’t using the sign to achieve your desired result. If your goal is to bring customers through your doors but you don’t include a call to action or a compelling hook, you could be disappointed.

High-resolution LED signage is a powerful tool, but it is one that has to be used effectively in order to produce the results you want to see.


GDTech is a helpful partner in the LED sign buying process. We are passionate about providing our customers with beautiful, high-resolution LED signs and taking care of every step in the process. 

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