LED Signs Vs. Traditional Billboards

by Aug 1, 2019Our LED

Why Choose an LED Sign Over a traditional billboard?

You’ve seen billboard advertisements before. You might have even seen one today on your way to the office, or the grocery store, or your child’s elementary school. But did you really stop and look at it? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. Only 37% of Americans report that they look at a traditional billboard ad when they pass it. LED billboards, on the other hand, are a different story. 75% of people report looking at digital billboards. 

If outdoor advertising is the right fit for your business, it could be a better decision for your business to invest in a high resolution LED sign over a traditional billboard.  


Freedom to Choose and Change Your Message

A traditional billboard campaign can last for as little as four weeks. This means that your company has to go through the hassle of designing, printing, and putting up a new advertising campaign.

With an LED display, you have the freedom and flexibility to change your message whenever you want to – whether you are advertising a new sale item or you want to change your ad to reflect a recent trend. Dynamic message signs, like LED displays, have the ability to cycle through slides instead of relying on one static message to communicate your brand story. Not to mention, buying your own LED sign completely cuts out the middle-man, giving you control of your advertising. 


Cost Effective

Searching “how to save money” brings up over 3 billion results on Google. Both consumers and businesses care about getting the “bang for their buck.” When it comes to business, it is especially important to save money where you can so you can optimize your profit. 

LED signage is extremely cost effective, giving you the most exposure for your money – more than newspaper, television, or radio. In fact, LED signs can increase your revenue up to 150%

Traditional billboards, on the other hand, are easier to overlook. The National Federation of Independent Businesses states that billboards are “the least important method of advertising” among its member businesses. Billboards, although effective for increasing brand awareness, result in little engagement from customers. For the investment they take, billboards are simply not as cost effective. 



When was the last time you saw a billboard directly over a company’s location? Although it happens, oftentimes a billboard is far from where the office or store is actually located. 

A digital sign framed on the wall or on a monument outside of a business’ location not only captures a customer’s attention, but lets them know exactly where they can find the business. LED helps you attract customers that are already sitting cars at the stoplight right outside your front door.


The Point

While billboards are becoming a thing of the past, and LED sign is a revenue building marketing tool that can’t be overlooked.

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