LED Signage for Dentists

LED Signage for Dentists

There are lots of marketing strategies for dentists out there, but so many of them offer the same insights and the same tired methods. Outdoor advertising, especially digital signage, can give your marketing strategy a new life. 

LED signage allows you to display the key parts of your brand to the people driving by. You can display high-resolution images of your staff, your customers, your interior, or whatever makes your business extraordinary. 

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How can LED signage help your dental practice grow?

Distinguish your brand

What makes your practice unique? What do your patients most appreciate about coming in to your office?

Maybe it’s the personality of the dentists, or the way that the practice prioritizes families. Maybe it’s the emphasis on prevention and education that your patients appreciate. Or maybe it’s the beautiful layout of your office or the friendliness of your reception.

Whatever your business does best is should be at the forefront of your advertising. It is this “secret sauce” that defines the brand of your practice.

Having a strong brand is essential to a business. A strong brand increases recognition of your business, grows trust with your customers (or patients), and creates loyal customers.

Stand out from the competition

Chances are, you are not the only dental practice in your city or even in your neighborhood. Potential patients are confronted with countless options. How can you break through the traffic and bring them into your practice? How do you distinguish yourself from the other options?

An LED sign is a great opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Although digital displays are an emerging advertising strategy for dentists, few have adopted the technology. By choosing to advertise with LED, you can be one of the first in your area to make a big impression. 

Attract more patients in your area

An LED sign draws new patients from your own neighborhood. Suddenly people who were unaware of your practice before will be flocking through your doors. This is because the LED display will capture attention and let potential customers see where your business is located. 

Increase your revenue

You could choose to use SEO to reach out to a new audience online, or learn how to manage social media accounts for your marketing efforts. Both of these are important and useful strategies, but take a lot of time and don’t have guaranteed returns.

 An LED sign is proven to increase revenue by a minimum of 15%. Compared to other marketing strategies, LED signage takes less time and effort to use and has a high return on investment. 



Control your message

With an LED sign, you control what you want to say, when you want to say it. LED provides a completely autonomous way to advertise — there’s no need to rely on a middle-man or worry about what to do if the platform crashes or loses popularity. 

LED signage can’t be turned off or muted, and it does not depend on any outside channel for its effectiveness. The only limit to what is possible with LED is your own creativity and drive. 


About GDTech LED

GDTech is a manufacturer of high resolution LED signage located in Salem, Oregon. We are passionate about helping small businesses tell their stories, and partnering with our clients to ensure their success.

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